Friday, 6 September 2013

I've Already Learned 3 Things Today...

1. There is no comfort in cold porridge. NONE.
2. Why people become obsessed with Instgram (just rejoined - follow Sewuesemuse)
3. The DVD for the last Sunflower Jam will be out this September! 

Fond memories x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Yesterday the the line-up for this year's Raindance Film Festival were finally announced. I'm so glad and honoured to be say that I'll be part of Raindance for it's 21st year!  

I will be presenting an award and will form part of this formidable jury, selecting from an array of great independently made films, many of which will be showing for the very first time at RFF 2013. The full line-up can be found HERE. And here's this year's Trailer:

It's no secret that poignant film, television (themes, opening sequences) and adverts have made up a MAJOR part of my musical influences and make-up since I discovered hearing. Film has always stimulated and inspired my creativity, and has allowed me to be emotive with music in a way I'd otherwise never know. My new music will reflect probably reflect this more than ever.

Some historic introductions include:

...amongst many others.

Aside from music, it's the art and magic of film-making in itself- the story-telling, creativity, the processes, the expression it allows, and the challenges it presents that I hold much interest, admiration and respect for. I'll be humbled and glad to contribute a renewed perspective to the films presented this year.

Thank you for having me Raindance!

More new Sewuese 2013 music announcements coming soon x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

version: feat Sewuese: WISHING WELL

 I sang on a song called Wishing Well produced by verzion. Not like my new stuff but I really like the vibe so thought I'd play along rustily on my old geetar. 

Lyrics are about missing someone. I felt the biggest loss recently. Better to live now.

Recorded tune is on Soundcloud 


Also called Wishing Well is one of my favourite songs by Free. Check it HERE

Monday, 5 August 2013


Last week or something, I posted a 6 second video on YT of myself singing the word 'hi'

Some were perplexed. Entertained. We joked of an iTunes release.
But why the hi?

I've been growing somewhere over there for a while. Much has changed. Feels ALL new. So I'm introducing myself.

'Hi' is actually 'high'... it's the first word from a song I've written, called Wishing Well. It's about missing somebody - wanting to reconnect...
I'll be posting the song sometime this week - stay posted on my YouTube

(Funnily enough, found out my 'Hi' was used to rekindle a friendship last week. Guess it's already worked :D)

Nothing millions don't do on Vine or Insta. Many are a seeking stronger connections still. But if I've not seen or spoken to you, its just my little way... Hey x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Shania said it best...

SHAMELESS is a song by Groove Armada and Bryan Ferry which originally featured my vocal. But thought I'd take another moment
and reflect.

Mirror Remix

Cover. Promo only

Original versions:

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


It's always a great weekend, watching the legendary CHIC with Nile Rodgers and the great Jerry Barnes (on bass), joined by Simon LeBon for 'Notorious' - in the sun, in a park, with your friends. We danced.

These gents have such a great vibe and Nile told me he's getting much healthier. Great news! Also thoroughly enjoyed watching The Cuban Brothers work thier b-boy magic on stage. Kengo is a DON.

I zoomed to Wireless to catch the end of Justin T & Jay-Z set / catch up with friends in the band. Superb. Expeptionally festivized! x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013



I'm back in the studio (FINALLY!) Working on some new sounds and things are shaping up nicely.
When I get a moment, I might go to the park and roll down a hill or something, but it's rare lately.

I've got another gig playing with Ollie Forrest at The Macbeth on Weds 31 July - and I reckon it'll be our best one yet. Come down!

In the meanwhile, look out for a remix of a Groove Armada / Bryan Ferry song I've recorded and a few  new pieces of music and video over the summer, and updated live versions and a remix of LEMONADE.

Loving the London sun!  x


Monday, 17 June 2013

Stockholm Party Splendour

I always have a wonderful time in Sweden and last weekend was no different. We were invited to sing for a beautiful couple and their shiny-eyed friends at their joint birthday party in the centre of Stockholm. It was feather-treed and fabulous.

And a Swedish welcome doesnt get much better than Abba at the airport. 5th member maybe?!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013



Back on a London stage tonight with some of my favourite people and musicians who I play with in Ollie Forrest's band. (We also played together in Roxy music). We had a little bit more time to jam in rehearsals yesterday and I love this Gibson. It changed the shape of my brain a bit...

A weighty joy! But am sticking to singing and keyboards for this one. We're at the Macbeth in Shoreditch Wednesday 22 May. Great tunes, see you there x

Thanks to drummer Emily Dolan-Davies for these pics. Check her website HERE 

Southampton FC @ The Four Seasons

Myself and an ACE Kitt's project band/singer line-up played at the End of Season party for some very shiny, happy Southampton footballers and their families at the Four Seasons Hotel last weekend. (Unidentifiable veg made for an intriguing but very delicious dinner.) A beautiful affair x

With Chenai

Thanks to Pete Watson for the pics x

Monday, 18 March 2013

Oracle Retail Week Awards, Grosvenor House Hotel

Last weekend I found myself back in the Ballroom of the Grosvenor House Hotel, this time performing with the brilliant Kitts Project for the prestigious annual Oracle Retail Week Awards. Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell were amongst the attendees, who took to the dance floor to our upbeat set after receiving their awards. A sparkling night.


Chris, Jade, Vula, Brendan and everyone helped make it fabulous. Good times x