Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tidal. Streaming. What's The Meaning...

Life is energy. 

From the start of life our cells are given this energy to multiply. And throughout our lives, to survive, we must feed and share that life energy through our senses. Sight, touch etc. In this case, it’s the sense of sound.
The actual molecular vibration of sound gives the body a good range of energy frequencies that the listener can be reenergised by. This is why the sound vibration from a vinyl recording is likely better for your energy than say an m3p of 1s and 0s generated by a computer that has compressed the sound, making it lose frequencies, and therefore, vital energy is missing.  A natural sound is better for us human beings, in the same way that raw vegetables nourish us better than processed or fast food.
So I think the term ‘music feeds the soul’ is literal.
This is why it is important to protect the quality / fidelity of music, and find ways of consuming music that will feed and nourish our spirits as much as possible.
I think having easy access to higher fidelity music is important. Yes it’s more expensive, but this is a normal premise for items of quality in our current world.

But this didn't help when the newly acquired online streaming service Tidal was recently presented by the faces of wealthy artists at the top of their arenas, making it look like an elitist service. There was also a lot of grandiose rhetoric that I don’t think really explained what makes this service interesting or worth attention, besides the idea that a bunch of celebrities are getting richer.

To balance the point, Tidal is in fact an interesting service. All be they rich ones, this is an ARTIST owned service, where all artists will be compensated MORE than from a service like Spotify, which artists of many levels have boycotted for some of the reasons that are addressed by this model.

In the end it depends on what you personally want from music. While it may not be perfect or reflect you fully, if a service like Tidal is offering access to a higher quality of music that feeds us, to a tune that give more back to artist, I think overall it’s a good idea.